Software's, CTP software, Colour Management Systems, Digital Workflow, Desktop Publishing Systems, Colour Scanners, Digital Proofing systems, Plate Making Systems including plate setters, Offset - PS & CTP plates, etc.


Sheet Fed Offset machines – single & Multi colour, Web offset machines for newspapers, books and magazines, Flexographic & Rotogravure printing machines, Label printing machines, Digital printing machines, Screen Printing machines Flat bed & Rotary, Pad printing machines & Dry offset printing machines for packaging, Printing machines for metal & glass, etc.



Paper cutting machines – semi/fully automatic, Perfect Binding machines, Thread Sewing machines, Wire Stitching machines, Soft/hard cover binding machines, Finishing, Lamination machines, Folding machines, Die-cuting and creasing machines, Slitting and rewinding machines, Sheeters, folding and gluing machines, stackers, conveyor systems, etc.


Digital Signage systems, Glow signs, Spring banners, Display stands, Bill boards, Hangers, etc.


Paper & Board

Slitting, corrugating, cutting, creasing, slotting, punching, gluing, laminating, stitching, UV curing, drying, machines, paper bag making - regular and specialized with handles, ropes, etc.


Coating & Laminating – dry and solvent based, Slitters/rewinders, Pouch making, Reel to sheet, bag making with special features, hot foil stamping, decorating, sleeves & labels making, cutting and sealing, Thermoforming, Vacuum forming, metallising, rotary die and punch making, tubes - lamitube making, ultrasonic welding, metal inserting, machines for non woven bag making, reel loading & unloading machines, trim recycling, waste grinders, etc.

Metal & Glass

Equipment for manufacturing containers, cans, lacquer coating, drying, lid making, trimming, PP metal closures, coding machines glass containers for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage applications, etc.

Auxiliary Equipment

Pre press, Offset Plate making, Photopolymer plate making, Films, anilox rollers, Rubber rollers, cylinders & shafts, cylinder engraving – chemical & electronic, tension controller, web guide, web inspection & monitoring equipment, thickness measuring and monitoring systems, colour measurement & monitoring, heating and chilling systems, Doctor blades & Chambers, Ink and solvents mixing, metering, delivery systems, Sterio mounting machines, Drives, energy saving devices, instrumentation and automation systems, vacuum pumps, pneumatic's & hydraulics systems & spares, etc.

Materials & Consumables

All materials - paper, board, films, substrates, additives, inks & solvents, label stocks, glues & adhesives, lacquers, composite, PS plates, Photopolymer plates, wads and protective materials, etc.

Support services

Design software and hardware, workflow software, CTP software, colour management systems, digital proofing, desktop publishing systems, training, consulting, used machine sales, trade portals, institutions, quality audit and certification institutions.